My life and work are undeniably immersed in spirit, the Sacred Feminine and art.

Many years ago, when I first reconnected to my soul, I was in a deep depression. I remember the tears of relief which flowed down my cheeks as I rediscovered my spirit and her timeless ability to heal.

Then, in 2016, I embarked on a journey of bringing the Sacred Feminine to the canvas and again, there were tears. I discovered a new found ability to rewrite my story and to step into a more intentional way of being. I became the shapeshifter of my world and was no longer a victim in my life. Instead, I was an active and empowered participant.

Both experiences were pivotal in bringing me back to myself unapologetically and to assist me in waking each day feeling inspired as I reach for my greatest soul’s desires.

I have since had the honour of working in depth with Shiloh Sophia and Flora Aube and I am certified in both Color Of Woman and Art Of Allowing. Sitting in circle with both of these visionary women has laid the ground work for my life as an artist, facilitator and mentor.

Through my own personal development, I have committed to the ascension of the Sacred Feminine in our world through soul connection and creativity. I believe that it is time to tap back into her ancient wisdom and to remember who we are as empowered women.

It is time to live from a place of grace, flow, abundance and intuitive knowing… this is our inherent right.

My work today revolves around teaching women to reconnect to their spirit and to bring their essence to the canvas in beautiful and authentic ways enabling them to fully express themselves within their lives and to birth their sacred work in ways as unique as they themselves are.

I have since created the process of working with SOULandalas and share it online as workshops and as a certification program. Working with SOULandalas opens us up to powerful inner healing and soul connection and the certification program allows soulful women to bring abundance to their lives while making a difference in the world.

I also spend much of my time bringing the Divine Feminine to the canvas as she informs me with incredible wisdom about myself, my life and my work. I love sharing this process with other women as a tool for growing their intuitive abilities and coming to know and understand themselves and their destined paths.

I teach online and also within small group or private retreats. Please reach out if you would like to know more about these experiences and which would be the best fit for you.

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