Jackie DeBlasio
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Jackie DeBlasio
sacred adornment & practices for the modern day Priestess
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Living intentionally and embedding sacred practices into all areas of our life is incredibly powerful!

Wearing crystal adornment, journaling, meditating, setting intentions and strengthening our intuitive abilities each support us in layers as we step into new ways of being!



This program is for you if you are ready to shift your life and sacred work into incredibly expansive ways through your own unique Divine Feminine essence.

When you learn how to tap into her wisdom and her messages you will step into a state of unique alignment about the soul desires you hold in your heart, the work you are meant to do and who you are meant to be in service of.

This energetic state will make you magnetic and create a flow of wealth without the burnout.

Check out all the details here including bonuses and special pricing offers!


adornment of the divine feminine

The gentle vibration of crystals are the perfect accessory to help activate your intentions for your life. They will assist you in staying connected to who you really are and to your life’s path.

Choose from bracelets and necklaces each designed for a different purpose. Feel into each one visually and through the written description till you find the one which feels right for you.

They were each created with love from myself and from Momma Gaia.

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JOIN the SOULandala Certification Program™ Today!

The SOULandala Certification Program supports the soulful entrepreneur who is desiring to do meaning full work in the world. It supports those who experience the SOULandala Practice™ whether online or in person to live conscious lives through intentional creativity.

This Sacred Work provides a rich opportunity for creating abundance and fulfillment for those who become certified.


online courses

Here you will find a growing assortment of online courses and programs revolving around creativity and intentional practices.

We are each incredibly wise and have the ability to shape shift our lives in ways we can’t even imagine. What I create here will give you the tools to further explore your life and all the possibilities it holds you for healing and transforming your life.

You will find simple painting processes on SOULandalas, the chakras and much more!