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It is time to rise up sistar & birth your soul work into the world as the empowered priestess you are!

It is time to stand fiercely in your power and to fully express who you are!

It is time to claim your rightful place in your work and to share your gifts readily and openly!

It is time to say yes to your soul over and over agin!

It is time to heal the pain from this lifetime and many past so that you can release the bonds which are holding you back from what you truly desire.

It is time to get to know money as the energetic exchange for your gifts which not only enriches you in receiving but also blesses those who give.

It is time to step into certainty, trust and devotion to your soul work.

join sacred feminine wisdom today!



what could you create in 3 months if you had a powerful container to keep the flames of your soul desires stoked?

What powerful shifts could you experience if you truly stepped into your power?

What financial flow could you create from your own sacred feminine wisdom?

You Are Invited To Join An Intimate Circle Of Women.

IN SACRED FEMININE WISDOM YOU WILL experience 3 Months of Creativity, Ritual, Visioning, Journaling And Inspired Action As you Explore yOur True Self Expression Through yOur Sacred Work.


If you feel a powerful calling IN YOUR SACRED WORK but are unable to move past indecision, fear and overwhelm then it’s time to Reawaken the parts of yourself that have been hiding!

it is time to become a conscious creator of your world!

It is time to reawaken your sacred feminine wisdom allowing you to tap into your intuition with certainty.

With this inner knowing you are able to not only receive the whisperings of your inner wisdom but you are also able to trust them and act upon them.

It is from this place of trust and certainty that you are able to create abundance from your heart based work.

When you begin to peel back the layers of who you have been lead to believe you are and then open your awareness to who you really are in your heart you will be given the opportunity to open up to your full potential.

You will allow yourself to not only dream and vision your fullest and most rewarding life but you will also begin living it.


This internal exploration feels liberating and freeing.

Your life and sacred work will all shift as you gain this delicious sense of alignment to your life path.

You will gain clarity in your sacred work and will begin to follow soul inspired action.

Your lack of self confidence will begin to be replaced with an alignment to faith and trust.

You will begin to listen to the intuitive wisdom which flows from the canvas and onto the pages of your journal.

Incredible new programs will be revealed that will feel unique to you and your work.

They will feel like a reflection of who you are.

You will begin to only work on projects and offers which feel incredibly inspiring and exciting and abundance will be birthed from this place.

You will learn to follow the energy of your soul and it will feel both liberating and empowering!

You will be guided to take up the daily empowering practice of DREAMscaping!

You will be guided to take up the daily empowering practice of DREAMscaping!

How Will Our Time Together Be Spent?

we will join together in circle as the empowered priestesses we were meant to be and stand together committed to taking our soul work to the next level!

*Our circle will be rich with intention and ritual enabling you to stay focused on what's most important to you.

*You will use the art of creating SOULandalas™ as a way of accessing the Sacred Feminine within for wisdom, empowerment and powerful insights.

*You will deepen your connection with our inner Priestess through visioning and journaling. She will become one of your greatest guides on your soul's path.

*I will share with you the powerful process I call Dreamscaping. This is an incredible practice which is indispensable for aligning you to your truest nature and in stepping into your soul's deepest desires.

*You will rewrite your stories and release the BS of your past.

*You will be encouraged to take soul inspired action on your life and sacred work. This is quite different from the hustle and pushing of today’s world.

*You will build your intuitive abilities and learn how to launch your creative ideas quickly and easily.

* You will learn that when you are tuned into the voice of soul everything flows more easily as you move from a place of love, joy and inspiration.

*You will be guided in creating a monthly SOULandala™ on canvas which will support you and your intentions for the vision of your life. They will be powerful talismans for you to anchor. A SOULandala™ is the perfect tool for setting intentions, meditating with and as a constant reminder of what you want to bring forward in your life and sacred work.

The painting processes that I will be sharing each month will be very much step-by-step that even non-painters can step into. The most important thing is to have a willingness to connect with the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine who lives inside of you and then witness the pure magic of bringing her essence and messages onto the canvas in the form of SOULandalas™.

SOULandalas™ fully support you in

upgrading your frequency.

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our monthly themes



- Within this first month together you will explore yourself as a LUMINARY!

You will delve into why you are here on this planet and the mastery you are meant to share.

You will explore your power, strengths, wisdom and gifts. You will unlearn everything that you think you know about yourself and begin to rewrite your story according to your true essence.

You will dive deep into the sacred feminine who lives within your heart and you will reawaken her as a powerful ally and source of intuitive guidance.

During this month you will create your first SOULandala™ painting which will be encoded with you as the empowered Luminary!

Month 2


-During our second month together we will push back the curtain on what is meant to be brought into being through your sacred work.

There will be a focus on creating what feels the most inspiring and aligned. You will do this by listening to your heart and soul as this will be your most authentic calling.

You will explore how to price, share your message, deliver and launch in super fun ways which are completely authentic and aligned to your unique expression.

When creating from this place your work will move from forced and fear based to a place of inspired action and flow. Trust me this is where you want to operate from. It feels incredibly expansive and freeing.

During this second month you will create a SOULandala™ encoded with you as the Creatress enabling you to birth your offers at will and with complete freedom!



-During our third month together you will have had the experience of creating and sharing your work and it is from this place that you will have experienced trust in yourself and your sacred work.

This is where momentum develops!

You will then look at yourself as the sacred feminine archetype of the Visionary!

The third painting in this series will be where you gather up all that you've experienced and prepare to step into the next version of yourself. You will call in your biggest soul dreams and desires and you will prepare for your next steps living fully expressed as the Visionary. 

Here is where, through your third SOULandala™ painting, you will develop a clear picture of what it is to be a conscious creator of your life and you will look at inspired action to powerfully begin living from this new and expanded place.

You will have experienced your soul’s whispers and to trust them with complete certainty.

During this third month you will create a SOULandala encoded with you as the Visionary now capable of shapeshifting your reality with ease and grace!


what you will receive

~You will create 3 paintings of SOULandalas™ depicting the essence of the 3 monthly Divine Feminine archetypes. Each will explore and open up new channels of consciousness about yourself and your work in the world.

~We will gather 2x each month using ZOOM. You will be able to bring your questions for live coaching and you will also have the opportunity to ask technical painting questions. I want to make sure you love your paintings!

~We will explore prompts and inquiries within the Facebook Circle and also share our experiences throughout.

~You will be guided in the practice of DREAMSCAPING. This is a powerful practice of coming into alignment each day for your life and your work. I cannot live without this practice as it keeps my visions grounded and empowered.

~You will receive 3 1:1 private sessions with me to fast track your momentum. VALUE $675

~I will also gift you a Sacred Feminine Essence Package to fully support you in stepping into your Divine Feminine essence. This package will include a custom journal, a crystal bracelet and a roll-on vial of a delicious essential oil blend all created to be a cohesive and loving support for your journey with the 3 archetypes. These will be wonderful reminders of your intentions and your Sacred Feminine Wisdom. VALUE $149



***The ESSENCE CHAKRA PROGRAM valued at $349.00 USD will be yours and available to you immediately.

This is a fun and creative program which moves you through your chakra ESSENCE on an antique or repurposed door. Once complete your chakra Essence door will be a beautiful reminder of your energy centres and how to bring them into balance.  

This is a powerful way of aligning and healing your personal energetic systems and you will be able to return to it whenever desired.

What will your Chakra ESSENCE reveal to you?

What will your Chakra ESSENCE reveal to you?

would you like to connect to explore the possibilities of this program for you?

Email me and we can set up a time… I would love to chat!