step into your soul desires

access the wisdom of your spirit

become a conscious creator within your life

Live from a place of joy, peace and fulfillment

Are you craving creative practices to support you in embracing all of who you are and all that life offers?

we were put on this earth as perfect beings, with a path to fulfill,

to live a life of joy, peace and abundance.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of this.

sometimes we are simply desiring to listen to the wise whispers from within.

To hear our deepest soul desires calling out for…

All encompassing love

More peace

closer connections

vibrant, Radiant health

Meaningful work

uncontainable Joy

wild Freedom


When we say “yes” to our Soul we say yes to Our big beautiful life!

I believe life is to be lived in full colour and that we are meant to be conscious creators in our world.

We are so much more powerful than we realize and to access our own unique inner wisdom we simply need to create space for it…to create sacred practices in which we can explore and embrace all of who we really are!

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Join the monthly membership of Sacred Embrace for only $14.97usd/month

Stay as long as you like and then email me when complete.


What you will experience each month In

Sacred Embrace

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Each New Moon we will create a major project

These creative projects will each be offered as a way of supporting you as you step into your soul desires, to be able to access the wisdom of your spirit and to layout the fertile ground for you to be a conscious creator within your life.

They will revolve around healing, renewing and living an intentional life filled with joy.

Each month we will explore a theme and everything that we create and practice will allow us to deepen into our understanding of it.

Some of the themes we will explore are healing with colour, working with our chakras, processing through SOULandalas, connecting to our higher self for wisdom and guidance, nurturing our Dream Seeds, delving into the wisdom of our heart space and creating personalized journals to play in are just a few examples.


Creative Journaling

Throughout the month there will be deepening inquiries for our monthly theme which will further support us in embracing who we are.

This particular type of creative journaling has proven to be the MOST important practice of my day especially when coupled with the SOULandala practice.

This time gifted to yourself will lift you up and align you to the magic of life and places you in the position of being a conscious creator within your life.

Your daily creative journaling will continually support you in coming home to yourself and in Embracing all of who you are.

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weekly bite sized videos and ongoing support in our online circle

This part of the monthly cycle will bring inspiration and hopefully new ways of looking at who we are. Some of these videos will be done as a meditation. They will each be aligned with the monthly themes.

They will be a lovely reminder through the month to take time for yourself and to express yourself through the pages of your creative journal.

You will also have the opportunity to gather in circle with us within the space of a private Facebook group. Here you will be able to share your creative work and be inspired by others.

I will always be close by for added support. This connection is very important as there is a strength gained when we gather together with common intentions.

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It is said that those of us who are meant to connect in life are joined by a red thread at birth.

Are you connected to our red thread?

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Stay for as long as you like and then email me when complete.

The Sacred Embrace Library

Over time, each of the monthly creative offerings will be gathered together to form the Sacred Embrace Library!

These practices will be available to you whenever you desire while a member and you will be able to explore the ones which feel most resonant for you.

You will have creative projects on canvas and in your creative journal to experience plus meditations, audios, videos and more.

All of these will have been prepared for you enabling you to step into your soul desires, to be able to access the wisdom of your spirit and to layout the fertile ground for you to be a conscious creator within your life.

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Your guide…Jackie DeBlasio

Jackie has spent the past 20 years exploring new ways to heal and fully express herself within her life and to share all that she experiences with other women.

This journey intensified 16 years ago when she found herself in a depression.and shifted out of it very quickly through spiritual healing.

She knew then that nurturing our relationship with our soul is crucial for living a fulfilling life.

Since then she has delved into many healing practices including becoming a Reiki Master, extensively studying colour healing and the chakras through Colour Energy, becoming a Soul Mind Body Medicine Guide and finally becoming certifed in Color Of Woman and also in Art of Allowing.

Her intention is to share creative ways of reconnecting to spirit, learning to listen to our inner wisdom and to then use that as a guide within our lives.