This unique mala was created with aura quartz, bruno jasper, white magnesite, yellow turquoise and wood. It is the perfect mala to meditate with, to set intentions with and to amplify your personal power.

This mala can be worm simply as sacred feminine adornment or it can be used for repeating mantras and embedding intentions into your being. The more you work with and wear your mala the stronger its energetic charge will become for you. You will be reminded of your intentions each time you put it on.

The aura quartz points are wonderful carriers of intentions and have the ability to magnify your soul’s dreams and desires.

The yellow turquoise supports us in stepping into our personal power and in raising self confidence.

White magnesite is wonderful for calming the mind and easing us into meditation.

Bruno jasper helps to bring peace and release emotions.

Wood beads ground us and allow us to draw up earth energy.

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