This mala is perfect for connecting to your life path, offering you strength and courage all the while keeping you grounded to Mamma Gaia.

It is made from black lava, amazonite, white jade plus what appears to be jasper.

This mala can be worm simply as sacred feminine adornment or it can be used for repeating mantras and embedding intentions into your being. The more you work with and wear your mala the stronger its energetic charge will become for you. You will be reminded of your intentions each time you put it on.

Black lava is excellant for keeping us deeply grounded to Mamma Gaia. It offers us strength and courage for our work to be done here on earth. It is also perfect for adding a drop of your favourite essential oil to.

The amazonite connects us to both our heart chakra and our throat chaka allowing us to step into fully expressing ourselves from the place of heart.

White jade has such a beautiful vibration which encourages us to follow our soul’s desires as it allows us to connect with our inner wisdom.

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