This gorgeous mala is made from a stunning citrine druzy, bronzite, brown lava and yellow calcite. It is designed to support you in following your life path through clarity of thought, and in breaking old patterns with new inspired ways of seeing things. It is through these channels that you will be better able to manifest your soul’s desires.

This mala can be worm simply as sacred feminine adornment or it can be used for repeating mantras and embedding intentions into your being. The more you work with and wear your mala the stronger its energetic charge will become for you. You will be reminded of your intentions each time you put it on.

The citrine druzy is the premiers crystal for opening up your 2nd and 3rd chakras for creativity and manifestation.

The yellow calcite is also significant in how it works with the 2nd and 3rd chakras as it supports you in breaking free from old patterns all the while sharing its uplifting vibration with you.

Bronzite is a crystal of the foot chakra. Its energy supports you in grounding into your soul’s path offering a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment.

The brown lava is also a stone which grounds us to Momma Gaia allowing us to draw up her strength. A drop or two of essential oil may be applied to the lava.

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