We are beings of swirling energy systems ruled by the colour codes of the chakras and Our chakras have a powerful influence over all areas of our life.

  • They reflect the quality of our relationships

  • The vibrancy of our health.

  • How well we express ourselves.

  • Whether we are balanced emotionally.

  • How confident we are.

  • How abundant our life is.

  • How creative we are.

  • How in touch with our inner knowing we are.

  • How connected to our sexuality and sensuality.

Your chakras communicate in the language of colour and are a

Clear reflection of your Essence!


Are you ready to swing open the door to reveal your rainbow coloured beauty?

Would you like to learn how to work with your energy centres to create more flow in your life?

Are you desiring to take back your personal power and bring more balance into your life?

Are you wanting to gain a deeper understanding of persistent blocks in your life, why they are there and how to release their hold on you?

Would you like to work with your chakras in very tangible ways such as with food, crystals and essential oils?

Would you like to embrace the magic of colour for healing physically and emotionally?

During this 10 week program, we will delve into what your true ESSENCE is.

Through painting, journaling and visioning, we will access the powerful vibration of your chakras and their colour codes!

With these very simple, and yet powerful practices, you will not only grow to understand the energetic vibration of you but also how to bring it into vibrancy and balance.

During our time together you will learn:

  • How to align with your soul’s path.

  • Where your levels of self care are lacking.

  • How to strengthen your relationships.

  • How to release spontaneity into your days.

  • How to embrace your natural flow.

  • To invite more sensuality into your life.

  • How to trust and develop your inner knowing.

  • Learn to express your truth freely.

  • To live from the place of your heart as guide.

  • Learn how to bring more vitality into your being.

  • To wake up each day feeling inspired.

  • How to open the flood gates to abundance.

essence - are you.jpg

During this colourful adventure we will be exploring our chakras on either an antique door or an actual passage door in your home. This door will symbolize the portal which opens up to your true ESSENCE. This antique door can be used later as a beautiful talisman for reconnecting to your chakras whenever desired. If you choose to use a passage door in your home consider your office door, bedroom etc.

You will be guided each week by the energy of each of your chakras and through this process you will create an abstract image of you and your main energy centres on your door. You will not need any previous art experience for this but simply the urge to explore through play with paint.

This will be an incredible adventure for you to experience your energetic self through creativity.

When we explore certain inquiries or parts of our being through creativity magic happens. We open to new levels of consciousness and understandings of our life.

This is incredibly powerful.

When you couple creativity with visioning and journaling, major shifts can be experienced.

You will often feel inspired and empowered to take action on this expanded level of understanding and this is where you will find a new sense of shapeshifting your life into the version you are craving.

essence - bonuses.jpg

Bonus #1

I will be sharing with you a creative journaling practice using SOULandalas. This is a powerful way of deepening and processing inquiries around your chakras as we move through the program. This will likely be a practice which you will continue long after the program as a beautiful way of supporting you in your life.

Essence - crystals.jpg

Bonus # 2

If you have a love of either essential oils or crystals, I will be sharing with you which ones to choose to resonate with the chakra you wish to bring into alignment. This adds a wonderful layer to help raise your energetic vibration.

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Bonus #3

You will have available to you a series of 8, 15 minute yoga practices and meditations created by MARIKA BECZ which are each designed to coordinate with each individual chakra. These sessions were created to enhance your overall experience and to allow for an additional layer of tangible practices to help support your chakras.

essence - your pace.jpg

This program will be delivered to you in a series of videos, meditations and pdf’s.

Even though this program will evolve over 10 weeks, you will have the freedom to move through at your own pace. I encourage you to take the time to integrate and process what you experience with each chakra.

We will also be joining in circle within a private Facebook group. Here you can share your creative processes and anything else you experience through our time together. I will be available to you for any additional guidance you may be needing.

This group will remain open indefinitely for support.

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Pay in Full (Savings of $47)

$349 USD

Payment Plan

4 Payments of $99 USD

Bonus #1

A one hour 1:1 session with Jackie DeBlasio


SOULandala Creative Journaling

Bonus #3

Essential oil and crystal guide which can also be used to

support your chakras

Bonus #4

8 yoga sessions specifically for your chakras

essence - your facilitator.jpg

Jackie DeBlasio is an artist, teacher and facilitator of creative and sacred spaces. She supports the women she works with by allowing them to witness the incredible wisdom which lives within themselves. Through Intentional Creativity™ this wisdom can be awakened from dormancy and strengthened as a guide for ones life allowing us to shape shift, heal and live from a place of deep spiritual connection rooted in love. She is committed to bringing forward the image of the Divine Feminine through her art. It is her hope that we can each access new levels of understanding and consciousness within our own lives through these beautiful images. These higher states of understanding guide us as we move more deeply into lives of meaning, purpose, joy and abundance.